Emons Cargo growth reflected in expansion 2WIN fleet

15 juni 2017

Emons Cargo growth reflected in expansion 2WIN fleet

Emons Cargo is growing. The fleet of double deck trailers, or 2WIN trailers as Emons Cargo calls them, was recently expanded by twenty. Much like its mother company the Emons Group, this logistics service provider has a continual focus on innovation, sustainability and the environment. The 2WIN trailers significantly reduce CO2 emissions and costs, and they can haul a bigger load than a standard trailer (+64%). In addition, the capacity of a 2WIN is that of an eco-combi (LHV), but it can be deployed without the latter's legal restrictions! The concept is a perfect match for the supply chain of organisations that work with the same core values surrounding sustainability and the environment.


Recently, the first ten trailers were collected at Burgers Carrosserie in Aalsmeer. Burgers is an experienced trailer builder, having more than earned its marks when it comes to producing 2WIN trailers. There are numerous parallels between Emons Cargo and Burgers; both are family companies, both have a vision about empathising with the client and contributing to a better environment by being innovative and sustainable.


More and more customers are seeing the benefits of the2WIN concept; the integration with a sustainable supply chain is seamless. And that explains the growth behind Emons Cargo. This growth is currently largest in markets dealing with packing materials, retail, fashion and food (cereals). Furthermore, Emons Cargo is active within various other submarkets like air cargo, electronics and pharmacy. Technically, a 2WIN can haul all products up to 1.80 metres in height with a maximum weight of 22 tonnes. Partnerships will therefore always be a 2WIN situation!

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